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Children benefit from organisational skills as they are essential for other aspects of development, including personal management, independence, language, play and social interaction.

In this month’s blog at Little Steps Day Care Ltd we look at teaching organisational skills at nursery. Call us in Renhold on 01234 889 518 or 07340 956 133 for more information.

The Importance of Organisation

Organisation is an important aspect of a child’s development. Learning these skills early will help to form habits and is especially beneficial for youngsters who have attention and learning difficulties and language challenges.

Some of the necessary aspects of organisation include:


  • Thinking & Reasoning Skills
  • Sensory Processing
  • Motivation
  • Focusing on Activities & Tasks


Additionally, having the ability to self regulate their behaviour and attention can make taking part in activities more enjoyable for youngsters and they will get more out of them. Nursery practitioners help children develop these skills due to the positive impact organisation can have on social interactions, language and play.

How to Improve a Child’s Organisational Skills

A youngster who struggles with organisation might also find developing other skills challenging. For example, expanding their language skills, visual and sensory processing, and independence can be harder.

Some of the ways to help develop organisational skills include:


  • Create a Routine
  • Make Tidying Up a Game
  • Use Visual Cues


Visual cues, such as placing Post-it notes as reminders in strategic locations, can help children remember minor tasks, including tidying up or bringing something for show and tell. Additionally, creating a routine and sticking to it will also improve their memory and organisation.

Activities can also help develop these skills, such as cooking and using ‘To Do’ lists. In addition, children often benefit from taking part in activities that require sorting things. For example, this could be tidying toys away or planning a game.

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