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Healthy Lifestyles At Little Steps Day Care

Teaching children how to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle is an important aspect of their education as taking care of yourself is crucial.

Here at Little Steps Day Care, we believe that in order for children to thrive and have energy and concentration levels to learn, they need to be provided with a healthy diet, fresh air and exercise as well as being taught how to understand their body’s needs.

Our Food Is A Balance Of All Of The Food Groups:

Fruit & Veg

Non-Dairy Protein


Dairy Protein

Some Fats

It is crucial for children to have a balanced diet. Therefore, all of our meals and snacks will be varied to ensure they contain the nutrients your child needs.

Fresh fruit and vegetables will be served for snacks; at Lunch and Tea we will aim to contain a mixture or all five food groups.

No salt will be added to any meals and snacks will be checked for salt and sugar levels to ensure they meet our healthy food standards. During meal and snack times the staff will proactively engage the children in discussions about what they are eating. It will also be an opportunity to talk about the importance of hygiene practises and keeping clean.

Staying Hydrated

It is very important, especially during the summer months, for children to stay well hydrated. Therefore, each child will have their own cup and a continuous supply of fresh water. All children, especially the younger children, will be offered and prompted to drink throughout the day.

Older children will have access to their own water jugs to help themselves to drinks whenever they require, we believe this helps them acknowledge their own needs.