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Child Care For Development

Here at Little Steps Day Care, we are dedicated to giving your child personal care and attention to ensure they are happy and healthy in our nursery.

We ensure you and your child’s needs are met by taking strict measures; meaning you can always guarantee that your child is comfortable, safe and happy whilst in our environment.

Teaching children how to care for themselves and each other, we educate on aspects such as safety, community and healthy living.

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Preparation For Primary School

Preparing your child for primary education can seem like a challenging task, however, with the balanced curriculum followed by us, your child will feel confident and comfortable when taking the steps into a school to begin their primary education.

Our child care and nursery educational programme covers the all of the key areas of learning:

Learning About The World

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

Physical Development

Communication Skills



Artistic Expression

Our teachers will begin to teach your child the early literacy skills which re needed when starting school, this process will not start until your child is ready. Our simple phonics programmes help your child recognise and begin to write some letters. They will also be supported with the basic numeracy skills needed to progress to Reception.