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Starting school is a huge milestone for every child. Giving your child the best start to their school career can have a positive impact on their whole education.

This month’s blog at Little Steps Day Care looks at the importance of school readiness. For more information, call us in Renhold on 01234 889518.

Prepare Them Emotionally

New places and people can be very daunting for a child, so it’s important to get to know the school. Becoming familiar with their new surroundings and teachers will reassure your child that they are going into a welcoming environment.

Socialise Your Child

Socialising your child is important. If they have attended nursery prior to starting school, they may already have friends in their new class. However, if this is not the case, try to connect with other parents and their children in the class.

Try to arrange playdates over the holidays so your child can make friends before starting school with them.

Prepare Them Developmentally

It is important you help your child develop their independence. You should help your children transition from dependence on adults to positive and confident individuals.

Teachers and staff will help support your child in becoming more independent, but there are many ways to support them before school.

Promote Independence

For subjects such as PE and outdoor learning, it is important that your child can dress and undress independently. Otherwise, they will continue to be reliant on adults.

Additionally, it is important that your child can eat independently so they are not reliant on adults to help. Teach your child how to use cutlery so they can develop their skills over time.

Prepare Them for Learning

The first year of primary school will consist of lots of learning. Your child’s academic development will be supported by their development in the social, personal, language and physical areas.

Read with Them

One of the things your child will learn in their first school year is reading simple words and sentences. However, it is important that they are exposed to stories and books from a young age. This will help develop your child’s listening and attention skills.

While they do not need to be able to read books independently before school, they should have opportunities to enjoy and share books with you. Try and incorporate it within your daily routine.

Simple Counting

Your child will have many opportunities to count from an early age. They will have learned through games and songs in nursery.

Encouraging our child to practice counting helps number patterns become second nature. Learning numbers doesn’t always have to be boring.

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