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Ensuring that the early development of a child is nurturing and productive is a priority for any parent. Day Care can play an essential role in this early development and have many benefits for their future life.

At Little Steps Day Care Ltd in Bedford, we understand the amazing benefits of how day care prepares your child for primary school. Whether it is through early learning of Maths and English or becoming more confident in social situations, there are many advantages to consider.

Encouraging Creativity

Day care offers a friendly and happy environment in which a child can explore their creative side. This can involve painting and drawing, but there are lots of different ways to be creative. Some activities they might take part in are:

  • Making Things with Play Dough, Clay and Blocks
  • Dressing Up
  • Being Read Stories
  • Singing Songs and Dancing
  • Crafting

As to how this element prepares your child for primary school, they will be experienced in thinking creatively. This help with learning for all subjects. It can also increase their confidence, listening skills and communication ability.

Being creative means having the ability to create. It is highly beneficial for every child to realise that they can learn and express themselves through imagination.

Making Friends and Socialising

An essential part of a child’s development is learning how to form new relationships. This is often done with other children through play and teamwork but having contact with adults in a position of authority is also an advantageous experience.

Many children are shy or nervous when they first come to day care. Through encouragement, however, they soon pick up the skills necessary to socialise with other children.

With this experience behind them, beginning primary school and meeting lots of new people will feel less daunting. Often children move to primary school with some friends they made if they are in the same area which can boost their confidence even more.

Early Education

Having early access to education is a fantastic introduction to some of the information they will begin to learn more about in the first year of primary school. Most centres are Registered with OFSTED which ensures they receive high-quality teaching.

This early education can include:

  • Basic English and Maths
  • Some Science
  • Art and Music
  • P.E. and Games

Introducing children to the basics in certain subjects is not the only way how day care prepares your child for primary school though. By structuring the mornings and afternoons they will become used to having a routine to follow.

Holistic Learning

For more information about how day care prepares your child for primary school, contact Little Steps Day Care Ltd. Call us today on 01234 889518.

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