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Nursery should provide your child with a fantastic platform to begin learning and making friends. By knowing what to expect when going to nursery, you can prepare your child and make sure they are ready to get involved in all activities.

At Little Steps Day Care Ltd, we have many activities for all children to get involved in. We want you to be welcomed into our community with fantastic facilities and staff making this an easy transition.

Socialise With Other Children

Going to nursery can be nerve-wracking for children, however, this is made easier if they have already begun to socialise with children outside of the nursery. Children may cry when you leave them and this doesn’t exactly mean they are unhappy at nursery. It can take time to settle without their parents so being comfortable with other children is essential.

Although this doesn’t need to be done all the time or with a large number of children, simply having familiar friends at nursery can help all children settle down much quicker without you. We want all children to be comfortable at nursery and enjoy themselves, regardless of what activities we are doing.

Building Confidence

If your child does not cry and freely goes into the nursery ready to play and learn, this is a fantastic sign you have built their confidence. Whilst other children may cry and cling on to their parents, if this doesn’t happen, it is usually a positive that your child has enough confidence to get involved straight away.

At nursery, we will involve all children to make them feel settled and build their confidence in all aspects of our nursery activities. If you can begin this process at home, this will make the transition into nursery and day care much easier for your child. Building confidence is a vital part of preparation for nursery and can make settling in so much easier.

Setting Tasks & Challenges

Whilst you don’t want to create anything too strenuous, setting small tasks and challenges to your children can help prepare them for nursery, this can be something as simple as tidying up toys. Giving out friendly tasks will build confidence, responsibility and independence, which may be required for different tasks at nursery.

Challenges could also be used to begin their education or physical development. Again, this should only be small challenges to help build their knowledge and confidence slowly. All this can be great preparation for nursery and ensure when they do begin nursery, there are no problems with any of the activities they are getting involved in.

Take Children To The Nursery

Before choosing a nursery, you should always visit first to make sure it is the right option for you and your child. This could also be a fantastic way to prepare your child for nursery, ensuring they know who our staff are and when they attend nursery, they can trust us to look after them. This again will help build confidence, making sure they are not too nervous when they begin nursery.

When it comes to the first sessions, getting involved with different activities and other children should be much easier. Our staff always want to help children find activities that they love and meeting children and parents at the same time will reassure your child before beginning nursery.

Contact Us

For more information regarding how to prepare your child for nursery, get in touch with Little Steps Day Care Ltd. Our staff will provide you with any information you require, as well as organising your first day care and nursery sessions. Call us today on 01234 889518 or 07340 956 133 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

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