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Storytime is an incredibly rich learning experience. It is a fun social experience to share, and it provides children with foundational knowledge about letters, sounds, story structure and more. Sparking a passion for reading from a young age is important for a child’s development. Through stories, children learn about life, the world and themselves.

At Little Steps Day Care, this month’s blog looks at the benefits of storytime in early childhood. For more details, call us in Renhold on 01234 889518.

Language Development

Listening to stories provides a chance for children to be introduced to new words. Children listen to stories, hear words and process them. Over time their vocabulary will build.

Furthermore, children will learn to associate the spoken word with the written word. When a child reads the same story over again, they will begin to recognise written words and develop their language.

Boosts Listening Skills

Holding a child’s attention for long periods can be difficult. Children can find it hard to concentrate. However, storytelling can increase their listening skills. When sat still in a comfortable environment without distractions, children can be more attentive to what is being said.

Improves Social Skills

Through storytelling, children learn how to pay attention and actively listen to the person talking. Moreover, they learn to be more patient as they listen to others speak. It also opens their eyes to other people’s thoughts and opinions.

Stories can teach children the values of concepts such as love and friendship. They also encourage children to explore and socialise effortlessly.

Nurtures Creativity and Sparks Imagination

Children live in their own world. They perceive things differently and learn from situations they are exposed to. Reading to a child can increase their willingness to express themselves and communicate their thoughts.

When a child listens to a story unfold, their imaginations run wild. It encourages them to build the world within the story for themselves.

Increases Cultural Understanding

Telling stories allows children to experience new places, cultures and traditions. It can help them develop an appreciation and develop a sense of empathy. They are encouraged to place themselves in the position of the protagonist and try to comprehend their actions.

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