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Finding a good day care for your child is essential and education is a big part of this. Whilst you must also consider other features such as the facilities, staff and fees of the day care, education should be at the top of your priority list. Having an excellent education from an early age can provide you with several benefits.

Offering fantastic interaction for the children we look after and fun activities, education is always at the forefront at Little Steps Days Care Ltd. We make sure early education is always provided to help your child.

Promoting Emotional & Social Development

Not only does early education improve your child’s knowledge, but it is also important for the child’s emotional and social development. Rather than having staff who simply watch over your child, the educational aspect will make sure children are encouraged and promoted which will help to develop emotional and social skills.

Staff should always help children to manage their interactions, assisting with their development so they have more confidence, whilst being considerate of other children their age. This should always be done without punishing a child as they are encouraged regarding the impact of their behaviours.

English & Maths Skills

English and maths are obviously a big part of all children’s early education and this should start in day care. Although learning will not be advanced, it will give your child a basic understanding of reading, writing and using numbers. This will also help with the development of their own language skills so they are fully prepared for the transition to primary school.

Many children may not have enough education before they enter primary school, which won’t help as they carry on in education. Getting a head start from a young age is perfect to ensure your child has a good understanding of their English and maths skills and do not struggle when they go to school.

Preparation For School

In addition to English and maths, early education is also important to assist with other areas of preparation for school. The day care you use should always make sure education is of a good standard for young children, whilst making these activities fun and interactive. Even if the day care you select is not a specialist for education, this should be involved to help your child begin to develop.

There should always be a range of activities that will help prepare them for primary school, from English, Maths, Art and playtime to encouraging children to talk about themselves and build up confidence. All this will help in the preparation for school and make sure children are ready for anything that comes their way!

Improving Behaviour

Receiving high-quality supervision as well as education academically and socially, this can significantly improve the behaviour of all children. As day care is regularly required for parents both working, choosing a dependable day care with staff you can rely on is very important. This makes sure your child always receives the support that you expect throughout the day, allowing them to develop and improve the behaviour.

Without receiving this early education and development, it could mean your child doesn’t have the understanding they should before going to school. Day care also helps children interact with each other and make friends, a massive part of their education to help and rely on each other with the support of our staff.

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Early education is integral for all young children and choosing the best day care for your child is always a tough decision. At Little Steps Day Care Ltd, we will make sure you receive all the advice and information you need to make sure you are happy with our team and facilities. Call us today on 01234 889518 or 07340 956 133 or fill in our contact form to make an enquiry.

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